Many things can affect your health – poor nutrition, infections, stress, even the weather.


During the first consultation, I will ask about your main symptoms, but also about the quality of your sleep, digestion, and emotional wellbeing.


Acupuncture treats the physical body, but it also balances the emotions.


Acupuncture effectively treats insomnia, back pain, anxiety, depression, headaches, arthritis, period pain, heartburn, and many other health problems.

Children respond very quickly to acupuncture!


I most commonly treat young children for colds, eczema , hayfever, tummy bugs, and musculoskeletal problems, but acupuncture is also a great tool for supporting teenagers through the hormonal challenges of adolescence.


​I advise clients to come on a regular basis, where possible, in order to maintain health.

What to expect from Acupuncture


The first consultation lasts 60 minutes. 


Follow-up treatments last  45 minutes.


Treatments are deeply relaxing. Acupuncture is a painless technique, but clients do sometimes experience sensation in certain key points.


Acute problems are usually quick to treat, whilst chronic conditions generally require more time.

Affordable Acupuncture


I offer affordable treatment for people on low incomes.


As long as those who can pay the full fee do so, it is possible to offer affordable rates to those that need it.


In this way, everyone can experience the more deep-seated and effective results that one-to-one treatment provides.

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